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        ABOUT US
        About us Foreign Affairs Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government is the department in charge of the city's foreign affairs. Its mandates including:
        1、To oversee the reception of visiting foreign guests, embassies and consulates delegations as well as foreign journalists.
        2、To provide the consular protection for Hangzhou's overseas citizens and institutions,and to oversee the overseas NGO activities in Hangzhou.
        3、To coordinate the exchanges between Hangzhou and foreign sister-cities.
        4、To oversee the work of overseas friendship for the city's non-government organizations.
        5、To oversee the work related with Hong Kong and Macao affairs.
        6、To oversee approvals of the invitation for overseas, Hong Kong and Macao missions.

        Contact us

        Ad:18/ Tower C, Citizen Center, No. 188, Fuchun Rd, Jianggan Dist, Hangzhou, 310020
        Address Fuchun Rd, Jianggan Dist, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province Chinese Ad:18/ Tower C, Citizen Center, No. 188
        phone   0571-85256354 fax        0571-85256394
        E-mail         E-mail WSB@HZ.GOV.CN